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Welcome to the Helmet Shop! We are a reseller of Riddell Football Helmets and Collectibles. We care both NFL and NCAA football helmets. The Riddell helmet collection comes in many different product lines. The full size helmets are the sizes seen on the field. The mini helmets are smaller desk sized collectibles.

All helmets are meant to be collectibles only and not worn. They are not intended to be worn for competition or for protection. They are for display purposes only. For detailed information on all helmet types, please see our Helmet Guide for football helmet descriptions. The Riddell football helmet lines we carry include the TK Classic Helmets, NCAA College Replicas, NCAA Authentic Football Helmets, NFL Replica Helmets, NFL Authentic Helmets, NFL Revolution Helmets, NFL Throwback Replica Helmets, NFL Throwback Authentic Helmets. Our authentic helmets are the same helmets seen on the fields. Their materials and team decals are all authentic. The replica helmets look like the on field authentics, however they are made of different materials that resemble the authentic football helmets.

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